We’ve been working with Keiko for 9 months, and she has been amazing! She is a great teacher and my daughter has loved taking piano lessons from her!

–Kristin T

My 13 year old takes guitar lessons with Dave and loves it. He’s open to teaching son’s music preference and learning style. The owner is really responsive and I love that I can text questions and a get a quick answer.
–Shellie O

Our daughter has been attending Pfluger Rock School of Music for over 3 years now. After a brief stint learning piano, she decided she wanted to be a drummer and has never looked back. Every instructor and staff member has been incredibly warm and gracious, treating the kids with dignity and respect. We have been taking lessons with Tony for over two years now and he is professional, knowledgeable, and deeply invested in our child’s progress. We have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Tony and everyone at the school!
–Sarah M

My son has taken drum lessons with Mr. Tony Miller for over a year now, and we have seen tremendous growth! We are thankful for his patient and very “kid-friendly” manner with our son. Highly recommend!
–Julie O

I have been going here for 7 years, and never have I had a bad experience. The staff has always been super nice and helpful. It truly is a school that people of any ages can enjoy. I’ve seen people who were at least 50 doing guitar lessons. The teachers have always been great and I’ve always found them very inspiring, especially at times when I wasn’t super motivated. For anyone looking into piano lessons, I truly doubt you’ll get a bad teacher, but my current teacher, Meagan is especially great
–Mia G

My daughter 8 years old have been taking piano lessons here for over a year, making a lot of progress reading music and playing, Brooke Lewis her instructor has a done a great job, my daughter feels very comfortable not intimidated. I have recommended this school to several people and have good feedback. Two recitals a year really motivated my daughter to do well.
–Sang Pham

I was looking to fix two old guitars that have been lying around our house missing strings. I had seen this music place so thought I’d stop in and ask. They said they had a few strings and Todd, one of their guitar instructors, said he would fix them if I could leave them with him for a few minutes as he had a student due to come in then. He called back after maybe an hour and said they were ready, no charge! I was amazed. I am so grateful that there are still places around that do kind things for people. If we become in the market to actually take guitar lessons, or any music lessons, this will be the first place we go to. The reception area is very clean, cool and welcoming. The office manager, Belinda, is so nice and friendly. I wholeheartedly recommend Pfluger Rock School of Music!
–Vivi Townsend

My daughter has been taking violin lessons here for about 2 years. Instructors are awesome and make classes fun for her.
–Rudy Coronado

Great Staff! Tony Miller is a fantastic Percussion Educator. He’s offers drum set instruction that includes a wide range of musical styles all while making the leaning experience fun for the student. Our boy Victor has been with him for two years now.
–Anthony S

My daughter has been taking violin lessons here for about 2 years, the instructors are awesome and make classes fun for her.
–Rudy C

Brooke is so sweet and patient with our daughter. We have learned so much in this short period of time. We love seeing her every week.

We have been going to Pfluger Rock School of music for about 1 1/2 years we choose them because they are located close to home and the price was very competitive compared to others. The staff at Pfluger Rock is great and really seem to care about the students. Tiffany is our son’s piano teacher and he just loves her, she really respects and cares about her students. I highly recommend Pfluger Rock if you are looking for a place to take private music or voice lessons.
Richard M

I have been taking lessons here for 2.5 years and have learned from a few different teachers. They all bring something amazing to the table. The positivity and upbeat personalities make these lessons joyful.
–Dr JP

Carlos is a great teacher!

We have really enjoyed our son taking lesson from Tony. He likes them a lot.

This is just an amazing music school!  The teachers here are able to break things down into small parts, my sons are learning and love their music lessons. As an educator, I can also recognize that these teachers know what they are doing. My sons leave their lessons happy, challenged and inspired. Yu-Chien is an all-star. She makes piano fun. My son had other piano teachers, but none like this! What a gift!

Instructors are professional and patient, the school well managed, and they customize the lessons as each week goes by, always making it a challenge. For the overall quality, the lessons are a great bargain for anyone and I highly recommend the Pfluger Rock Music School.

My two children have been taking drum and violin lessons at Pfluger Rock School of Music for over a year. My children have learned so much and love their teachers, Mrs. Morgan and Mr. Danny. It’s amazing to watch your child go from playing scratchy scales and “Twinkle Twinkle” to Bach on their violin. My son’s drum teacher has forged an awesome relationship with him. Mr. Danny has high expectations of my son and my son strives to meet them! As a result, his skills and desire to learn are above what I would assume would be possible at his age. Thank you, Pfluger Rock! The front staff are also incredibly kind!

My daughter has been taking piano and voice lessons here for a year and half, and we’re both very pleased with the results. All of the teachers we’ve worked with have been wonderful (we’ve had several different teachers for each subject, since we needed to move days a couple of times). Currently we have Steve for voice and Danielle for piano, and we adore them both. Steve makes my daughter feel super comfortable (which is vital with singing, where you really have to put yourself out there. It can be so hard to get kids over that performance anxiety — is there anything worse than embarrassment to an 11-year old?? — but Steve’s sense of humor works wonders with the kids.) And Danielle is absolutely lovely and made my daughter feel really good about her progress.

The other person we interact with a lot is Brenda, who handles scheduling, appointments, payments, calls, recitals … basically she runs the place. Not only is Brenda super organized and helpful, but she’s also the nicest person you’ll probably ever come across. We feel really lucky to have this school right here in Pflugerville. I hope they never move!

Both our children have been taking music lessons, guitar and piano, at Pfluger Rock for a few years now and it has been so enjoyable to watch them both develop musical skills very quickly and become so creative in their new found talents thanks to the wonderful staff at the school. The atmosphere is warm and inspiring in addition to offering a wide array of talented teachers and instruments to select from for your musical preference. The school is very accommodating for busy schedules and communicates clearly and quickly with us as needed for any rearrangements for our childrens lesson times. Our daughter loves taking guitar lessons and there seems to be no shortage of six stringers of all ages learning from Todd and his staff. They also host recitals during the year to showcase the developing talent of the students and all parents are fully supportive of these events. Its pretty cool to hear the teachers and students playing together at these events. And the teachers really listen to the students and will change their music lesson choices to keep our kids inspired to keep on rocking and practice harder. Thanks so much to everyone at Pfluger Rock for keeping the music alive and kicking!

Best music school in town! Our son has been taking Guitar lessons at Pfluger Rock for a couple of years and it has been a wonderful experience. We recently started our daughter in violin and she loves it! If you live in the Round Rock/Pflugerville area…this is the place to go!!

My 12 year old son has been taking electric guitar lessons with Todd for two years and loves it. He looks forward to his weekly lesson. My 9 year old daughter also recently started taking acoustic guitar lessons with Nathan and he makes her lessons so fun and interesting for her by allowing her to work on music that she loves and listens to. Both teachers are professional, personable and relate well to the kids. We love the location which is very convenient to our home in Round Rock. Would highly recommend Pfluger-Rock School of Music.

We live in Austin and our daughter has been taking violin lessons at Pfluger-Rock for five years. The environment is great. Friendly and stress free learning from a great staff. We thought once she was in high school orchestra, our daughter might want to stop private lessons, but no way. She has a great relationship with her instructor and plans to continue lessons until graduation.

Excellent music school. Very professional and organized.

This is an awesome music school! My son first started taking piano lessons here when he was five. And then I joined in for the percussion, drums and guitar lessons. Two+ years later we are still going strong. The staff is highly professional, flexible and very friendly. They do their very best to adjust to your schedule and offer makeup lessons in case you have missed any. My son plans to move on to guitar and drum lessons later on. I have to say that I am fortunate to have this school nearby my home. I very highly recommend the Pfluger-Rock School of Music!

As an older learner and one with a strong desire to learn to play the drums, it was important to me to find not only a teacher who was formally trained in music but who was also actively engaged in playing music, i.e., performing in a live band setting.  I found both at Pflugerville Rock School of Music.  My drum teacher, Doug Leviton, is awesome and the staff at Pflugerville Rock School of Music are great folks to work with.  They care about my progress; satisfaction with my lessons; and, always seek to challenge me by encouraging me to participate in their recitals which are held throughout the year.  I am very happy to have found Pflugerville Rock School of Music and would & have recommended it highly to friends & family.  Rock On!!!!

Kayla thoroughly enjoys her lessons. Matt is an enthusiastic teacher who Kayla looks up to.
–Donna B.

I have been taking lessons here for awhile. Thursday nights. I don’t quite have the Stones opening for me on tour yet but I’m having a lot of fun with my guitar and my girlfriend thinks I’m Jimi Hendrix! When I walked in the door I didn’t know a pentatonic scale from a bathroom scale. My teacher is born to teach. He knows his guitar well enough to mop the floor with just about anyone you can think of, but is still incredibly patient with me and my endeavor to be a rock star!

Pfluger Rock is an exceptional music school. I’ve been taking guitar lessons from Todd for nearly a year. His extensive knowledge, training, instruction techniques, and patience have made my learning experience quite enjoyable. Thanks, Todd!
–Patty M.

If you are looking for music lessons in the Pflugerville/Round Rock area, this is the place to go! I have two boys each taking lessons for two instruments; classical guitar and flute for one and electric guitar and piano for the other. The teachers are awesome and cover a wide range of instruments (and voice lessons too). The office staff is extremely helpful, especially with working around difficult schedules. The facilities are excellent. They also arrange some very cool venues for recitals/performances a couple times a year. Overall, we’ve been very happy with the school and can confidently recommend them to anybody wanting to learn music!
–Mark A.

My son, age 14, has been taking guitar from Pfluger Rock School of Music, in Pflugerville, for two years. We are impressed with the quality of the lessons, and amazed at his progress. His teacher, Matt, is knowledgeable and consistent, and allows our son to make musical choices. I have recommended this school to others, as our experience has been outstanding. My son practices willingly and enthusiastically, and looks forward to his lesson each week. I believe music education is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child, and am thrilled to have found a school that can give him such a solid foundation.
–Kim Q.

Our daughter has been receiving piano lessons from Mark Ramsey for years at Pfluger Rock. Her teacher (Mark), Todd the owner, and the staff have always been friendly and very professional. My daughter loves to attend piano lessons and she is always challenged and encouraged to develop her own style while learning the basic techniques. We will be with Pfluger Rock for many years to come, you just can’t beat the quality of staff and value at this establishment.
–Parent of Pfluger-Rock Student.

I’ve been taking guitar lessons here for years and think this is the best music school in Austin. Lessons are reasonably priced and the whole atmosphere is friendly. My teacher is talented and patient and has taught me well. I also see many children taking lessons here and they seem to be happy as well. I highly recommend Pfluger Rock for both adults and children!
– Refugio G.

My son is 8 and started guitar lessons 4-months ago, I have been amazed at the simple things like posture, dexterity and building strength in the finger tips, he is receiving classical instruction at a first rate operation all the way around, from owner to administration to instruction! We could not be more happy and highly recommend Pfluger-Rock School of Music for children and adults.
– Todd M.

I’ve been taking guitar lessons for a few months and it’s been amazing. I have taken lessons with others and thought I knew a lot, but the lessons here breaks it down to the basics level and fills in the blanks with understanding. I look forward to each lesson and always learning something new!
– Stan N.

Pfluger Rock School of Music for quality and affordable music lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons and more in Round Rock and Pflugerville, Texas.